Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tommy Boy Monson Goes Snoop Doggy Dog!!

Tommy Boy Monson, current MORmON just chillin' and goes Snoop Doggy Dog for their worldwide membership...inviting his first Counselor Henry B. Eyring and Jesus' Ceo Sheri Dew along for their wild ride...enjoy everyone!!

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Tommy Boy & Gang Farting Up A Happy Birthday Storm!!

I just thought that you guys would really appreciate and enjoy this video, since we always wonder what these pathetic cult leaders like Monson, Packer, Ballard, Eyring and the rest of Jesus' big 15 are doing all day(in between General Conferences)...well now we know...LOL!!

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Thomas S. Monson Wishing Everyone A Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thomas S. Monson just wanted to wish everyone a very happy St. Patrick's day. He took quick a tumble down that hill, but as you can all see; his green beer(which he bought at Jesus Christ's/the Mormon's new malls) was unharmed and didn't even spill.

Now go get drunk Tommy Boy on Jesus' sacred booze!!


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St. Patrick's Day Celebration At Mormon Inc!!

The Mormon Hierarchy(and as always, their beloved sidekick and Jesus' Ceo...Sheri Dew), decided to walk across the street to Jesus Christ's Conference center and wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day and do Jesus' version of the River Dance."

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Henry B. Eyring & Sheri Dew Do The Tango baby!!

After Henry B. Eyring was called to the MORmON First Presidency; he went to dinner at the Sizzler(made about 5 trips to the all-you-can-eat salad bar) with his family, sped off in his brand new, white Toyota Avalon and then further celebrated by doing the Tango with Sheri Dew...and oh yeah, he(crying Eyring) didn't even cry for us, which was first...or maybe all the crying is just an act...what do you think?!!

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Thomas S. Monson & Boyd K. Packer-"Happy Valentines Day!!"

After Thomas S. Monson & Boyd K. Packer(next in line to be a MORmON PRophet) both wished the world a happy Valentines day with Sheri Dew...they thought..why not do a video together and wish everyone a happy Valentines day and so here it is folks...enjoy!!

Thanks Tommy Boy and Mr. very little factory...glad you had a happy Valentines day guys..LOL!!

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Boyd K. Packer Wishes The World A Happy Valentines Day!!

Boyd K. Packer didn't want to be left out in the cold(like he's been left out the First Presidency for the last 20 years), so he too decided to hook up with Sheri Dew, talk about his very little factory and wish everyone a very happy Valentines Day.

Thanks Boyd for making this video public and showing us your other anti-little factory side...LOL!!

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Thomas S. Monson Wishes The World A Happy Valentines Day!!

This amazing and shocking video has Thomas S. Monson And Sheri Dew, wishing everyone a very happy Valentines day...looks like they had one...LOL!!

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Gordon B Hinckley's Last Public Sighting W/ First Presidency

I'm telling you...Gordon B. Hinckley could bust some serious moves and Tommy Boy and Crying Eyring are pretty damn awesome too...dancing with the MORmONS, here we come...LMAO!!

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Thomas S. Monson Dedicates Song & Dance...To Himself...LOL!!

After Gordon B. Hinckley finally kicked the bucket...Thomas S. Monson couldn't help but celebrate and feel on top of the world, as he finally became the MORmON PRophet of fraud, which he'd been anxiously waiting for, for almost 50 years.

He tried to remain humble, but this video was leaked to the press...LOL!!

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Joseph Smith Is Singing To You Ladies & He Wants Action!!

If Joseph Smith(the original MORmON pervert, adulterer, child rapist and pedophile) was alive today, this is how he would be behaving and trying to find more chicks to bang and little 14 year old girls to rape, like Helen Mar Kimball.

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What Do Romney, Batman, The Pope/Oscar Meyer Have In Common?

I made this video during the Mormon Mitt Romney's disastrous, embarrassing and failed Presidential campaign and it was quite popular over on YouTube and I thought you guys would enjoy it!!

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Gordon B. Hinckley..Thinking OF You From Beyond The Grave!!

LOL...some funny shit right here!!

Of course Hinckley got the booze from Jesus Christ's new multi-billion dollar malls, that will be serving beers and all other forms of alcohol, after Jesus Christ approved it!!

Learn to laugh MORmONS, because your cult and PRophets are a JOKE!!

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Mitt Romney & Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland Reunite

Mitt Romney and Jeffrey R. Holland, current Mormon Apostle; reunited and discussed his presidential campaign and how BYU and the church could help him out...which obviously failed miserably...LOL!!

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Gordon B. Hinckley Sings & Dedicates A Song To Jesus Christ

Before the Mormon PRophet Gordon B. Hinckley kicked the bucket; he sang and dedicated this beautiful song to the Mormon Jesus Christ...which is sure to bring tears to your eyes...LOL!!

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Gordon B. Hinckley & Sheri Dew Do An Encore For New Years!!

Gordon B. Hinckley and Sheri Dew had so much fun dancing together in their other videos and celebrations; that they decided to do an encore for new years...enjoy!!

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Happy Hanukkah From The Mormon Hiearchy

This is a great and shocking video of the Mormon Hierarchy wishing everyone a happy Hanukkah.

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The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony At Mormon Inc.

Hinckley And Gang At the Christmas Tree Lighting Cermony at Mormon Inc. headquarters...aka...the church office building(the large and spacious building).

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Hinckley, Monson, Eyring, Packer, Dew Celebrate The New Year

This is footage of the New year's celebration at the Church office building, which was held on Saturday, in order to keep the Sabbath day holy on Sunday, even though Jesus owned KSL reported about it and was live at New Year's Eve parties Sunday night, thus not keeping the Sabbath day holy...LOL!!

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Gordon B. Hinckley & Sheri Dew Celebrate Her Latest Book

Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and Sheri Dew celebrating her new book release by grooving 70's style!!

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Christmas Party At The Mormon's Church Office Building!!

Mormon cult leaders/PRophets Gordon B. Hinckley, Thomas S. Monson, Joseph Smith & Warren Jeffs throwing a Christmas party and proving that SANTA is their REAL BOSS...LOL!!

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It's A Mormon Life-Starring Mormon Prophet Gordon B Hinckley

This is the Mormon version of "It's A Wonderful Life", staring Gordon B. Hinckley and co-staring Thomas S. Monson, Sheri Dew, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and a brief but priceless and touching cameo by Warren Jeffs at the end.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you enjoy this new Mormon movie...LOL!

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Unnecessary Force-Starring Gordon B. Hinckley/Brigham Young

***Warning-Adult/Graphic Content***

This looks like a great new movie coming out, staring the current Mormon Prophet of fraud Gordon B. Hinckley and the 2nd Prophet of Fraud Brigham Young, doing want he did best...KILLING!!

There are cameos of Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Monson, Warren Jeffs and of course, the Mormon's beloved Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Enjoy everyone...not sure of the official release date...LOL!!

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Mitt Romney Proves The Mormon Prophet Won't Control Him!!

After Mitt gave his big religion speech the other day, which only mentioned "Mormon" one time; he really let loose for the audience, to prove once and for all, that the Mormon Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley or any future Mormon Prophet, will Never control him.

This little dance routine by Mitt Romney may prove to be controversial and lose him some votes and support in the very conservative "Mormon village", but it does prove that he is indeed his!!

Kudos to Mitt Romney though...who knew that he could bust moves like that...WOW!!

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The Mormons New SEXY Campaign For Finding Baptisms In Hawaii

Baptisms are dropping so badly in Hawaii, that even the deceitful tram ride to the Laie temple(they say it's a tour of Laie), isn't having any results, so current Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and his successor, Thomas S. Monson, are pulling out all the stops, to suck more people into their cult.

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Mormon Prophets Reunite & Celebrate By Square dancing...LOL!

In a very candid moment, secret cameras were rolling as Gordon B. Hinckley, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Warren Jeffs got together for a little fun and some good old fashioned square dancing.

Again, more light is being shed on what these clowns do in between General Conference sessions...oh and the portal to Kolob is in the holy of holies in the Salt Lake Temple(that's what my secret sources tell me); that's how Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and other former MORmON prophets and Apostles keep visiting and having fun with Hinckley and Monson...LOL!!

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Hinckley, Monson, Romney & Jeffs In A Snowball Fight!!!

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This video is staring current Mormon Prophet of fraud Gordon B. Hinckley, 2nd in charge and next Mormon Prophet of fraud Thomas S. This video is staring current Mormon Prophet of fraud Gordon B. Hinckley, 2nd in charge and next Mormon Prophet of fraud Thomas S. Monson, Mitt Romney, Mormon Presidential candidate, Joseph Smith, the first Mormon liar and Prophet of fraud and of course Warren Jeffs, the true follower of Joseph Smith and TRUE MORMON and modern day Joseph Smith!!

The Mormon Hierarchy wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays and decided to let lose and have a little snowball fight right outside the Mormon's Conference Center/Gordydome.

As you can see, they were able to get Warren Jeffs out of jail for a while and Joseph Smith came up from outer darkness and of course, Mitt Romney dropped by after doing another fundraiser for his failed Presidential campaign...SUCKERS!!

I love watching Warren Jeffs get it right in the nuts and then Hinckley got Romney, Romney got Hinckley back and then Hinckley used his "keys" and "spirit of discernment", and ended it, by putting out Warren Jeffs lights...all in all, they had a great time...praise the Mormon God, the CHURCH IS MORE TRUE THAN EVER after seeing this...LOL!!

And we always wondered what these clowns do for 6 months in between conference sessions(besides writing their next BS talk)...well, now we all know, don't we...LOL!!

Samuel the Utahnite